Learning through creativity

We teach English, Maths, Science, Geography and History for key stages 1 & 2, including preparation for national curriculum assessments and tests (ages 7 and 11).

A new approach to teaching using the latest tech

Important requirements of the National Curriculum

Highly experienced and qualified tutors.

Realistic challenges according to student's needs and abilities

A new approach to teaching

Creative Path is a brand new approach to teaching; using methods that children love and can get enthusiastic about. We aim to make learning fun for children and valuable for their parents.

We have taken account of the important requirements of the National Curriculum and have incorporated its requirements and principles into the workshops we offer.



We have taken into account the important requirements of the National Curriculum


Most children will acquire reading, writing and speaking skills at the same time and pace as their siblings and peers, but at Creative Path we know full well that different children….


We know that, and we have structured our maths workshops to bring some fun into learning maths, whilst taking into account the requirements of the National Curriculum.


At Creative Path we believe that science should be fun, so we make our sessions as interesting and interactive as possible. Children are encouraged ….

Delivered by highly experienced and qualified tutors.

We are extremely proud of the fantastic tutors we have gathered, who are expert and renowned in their fields. They feel as passionate about teaching as your children will be about learning. They have very many years of combined experience in working with children and cover all the core subjects, such as maths and English, as well as the more creative ones, such a creative writing, poetry and art.